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A woman. A man. A murdered detective. A young detective must find the truth, but...Are you ready for it?

In Future Noir, you play as Kop, a young detective that's part of the Raptoribus, the elite unit from the police.

The game follows the investigation made by Kop when he is assigned a case that seems impossible to solve and that will take him to some incredible locations in order to find the truth about...


Future Noir is a single player first person shooter, where there's nothing else than you and your ability for games. Fight against tens of the last human inventions, androids, just with your blaster, and explore awesome locations and discover their stories.


The story takes place in the winter of 2054, on the Earth. The world has just over 250.000 inhabitants, and the wealthiest people live in the colonies from Europe, Mars and the Moon.

After decades and decades of pollution and destruction of the Earth, most of the people died from cancer and problems in the lungs caused by the polluted air and the high radiation levels.

Nowadays most of the people are homeless. Almost all the buildings from the cities are now empty, due to their high cost. The androids have replaced the humans for almost every job. The future seems noir...

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